Redefining The Way Businesses Are Built – Redefining The Way Businesses Are Built

Redefining The Way Businesses Are Built

CoFounderhas built impactful relationships in the Start-Up Community to provide you with the resources needed at an honest cost. CoFounder is here to help start-ups and new entrepreneurs launch their brands on the market. We help turn your dreams into reality and work with you every step of the way to launch your product or service for consumers.

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Make your concept a reality with Beyond – a proven, human-centred design process for manufacturing your new product on the market. Learn more and grown your brand!

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Building Influential Brands. Sharing Impactful Stories. Launching Powerful Campaigns.

Mention Press is committed to delivering results-oriented marketing campaigns combined with powerful stories to build a cohesive and impactful brand. Let us create and share your story with audiences and news agencies everywhere! There is a story in every start-up – we will find it and promote it.


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App Development. SASS Literate. AI Focused. Software Security.

DevleopOS creates new cutting-edge technology in a condensed digital world. We synchronize business, projects, and people. Technology is constantly changing, so leave it to our team of technology professionals to help develop your app, AI, and software technology.


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Innovation Through Engineering. Prototyping To Production. Established Word-Class Manufacturing.

ProductMile is the catalyst in discovering, developing, and commercializing, New and innovative products that will dominate the market and help shape the world. Your new product will be designed and launched with our team of experts who will help you achieve success in the marketplace.


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Meet Our Team

Introducing you all

Paul FitzGerald

Fitzgerald is also a renowned public relations expert and publicist. Through press releases and media planning, he has secured a tremendous amount of media coverage for his clients with prominent news outlets.A proven leader, he also knows the uniqueness and importance of new technologies and social media platforms.

He has created and managed a wide variety of creative campaigns for clients on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Introducing you all

Mike Rhodez

Mike Rhodez is a founder, speaker, mentor and visionary for the future. He has over a decade worth of real world experience in marketing, business development, and speaks startup fluently. At the age of 22 Mike started his first venture in the marketing world.

Making a name for himself and gaining the attention of corporate America where he worked with large brands like Dickey’s BBQ.

Introducing you all

Jessica Peak

Jessica Peak is a strategic visionary, problem solver and strong believer in standing up for what is right. Directing an internal team of 15 people and 20 outside contractors, while leading the development of over 150 app & 130 products to date.

She ran operations for a million dollar company, all while attending Harvard Business School Online. She has always seen power in people that hadn’t otherwise been seen.

Introducing you all

Eshan Cheema

Eshan Cheema is a go-getter that explores every path this world has to offer. He’s developed over 500+ apps, curated hundreds of thousands of downloads, and has achieved millions in raising revenue. Developing working relationships with top founders and world class companies.

"Earning the trust of a company that I choose to work with is my priority and I do that by proving my skills at each level."

Introducing you all

Rodrigo Lima

Rodrigo Lima has devoted his life to helping people make their dreams and ideas into a reality. Rodrigo has 20 + years of experience in design and engineering. Specialties in all aspects of product development.: 3D Modeling, Rendering, Mechanical Drawings, Model Making, Prototypes, Photography, Graphics .

"I strive to learn new skills and stay up to date on the ones already acquired."